Sales Management

Customer Master helps you to create information about customer and customer group/company quickly and very easily

Billing means total amount charged to a customer. It is the final checkout the customer does.

  • Flexible and easy to use billing screen that helps in faster checkouts.
  • Integrated with all POS accessories such as barcode scanner, receipt printer, etc.
  • Option for easy reprinting of old bills helps in reducing time spent over counter by customer.
  • In stores where all items have barcode label, the default quantity to bill is set to 1 so that every item must be scanned. This helps accurate invoicing of what is carried by the customer.
  • Supplier wise sales reports help in knowing manufacturer or brand better.
  • Option to add registered customer from billing screen with minimal key strokes makes billing faster.
  • Discounts and price levels can be entered in Bill Entry
  • Easy access key for several options such as item code, item name, customer selection, etc., help in reducing time.
  • Registered Customer code can be entered and customer informationdetails viewed in Bill Entry.
  • Option to print sales invoice for the customers.
  • Record of items in the stock prevent from adding items in billing that are not in the stock.
Sales Record
  • All kinds of information of customer and products are available in sales reports.
  • Retailer can check the various sales reports anytime they want.
Price Control
  • Price setup is allowed for a product and it is part of the Item master, so the price setup can be controlled for each and every product.
  • Can setup different cost and selling prices for products
  • Product price can be edited during sale thus helping to fix the optimum selling price if the same item is sold at different rates. (Product price on bill entry screen cannot be edited now)
Printing Bill
Invoice printing on plain as well as preprinted stationary.

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