Ease of Use and Security

Ease of use means software is very user friendly, flexible and easy to use.
  • Choukash is adaptable to a variety of retail segments and has the flexibility to be configured based on individual retail requirements.
  • Keyboard operations help you handle customers efficiently in the billing counter.
  • Locate the item quickly using item code, item name, etc.
  • Category based selection of items, either in a single form or in a series of forms, facilitates accurate selection of items. This is useful to select items based on brand, fabric, size type of classification
  • Common filters options across all screens ·
  • Saving of invoices so that if the POS terminal restarts before printing, the invoice can be printed by selecting the invoice number.

Security Management

  • Restricted access to the screens depending on the user or role.
  • Prevent POS fraud. POS fraud is one of the biggest losses for the retailer. Choukash POS security configuration helps retail business owners preventing from POS fraud.
  • Helps to reduce theft from counter or stock

Barcode Management

  • Extensible barcode label designed to help in accurate invoicing to customers and for accurate inventory tracking.
  • Supports barcode scanning: Product name will automatically appear on Bill screen with barcode scanning.
  • Multiple barcode formats for items supported.
  • With Choukash, you can make the price information part of the barcode label so that when each item is scanned the bill carries the right price.

Support Tool

Backup of database helps upload all previous information in case of system crash.

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