Advantages of Choukash

Choukash Retail Business Management Software is a comprehensive retail business management solution for users who want to compete and thrive in the current challenging environment. It includes flexible POS billing, inventory management, transaction history and customer management. Choukash is designed with easy, intuitive and user friendly system which leads to very less support and training. The below is the partial listing of the advantages of Choukash:

  • Easy, Fast & Robust Billing

  • Reordering can be done based on re-order level and stock

  • Edittable price and VAT during billing

  • Effective day-end process

  • Valuable business information with the click of a button

  • Sale and Purchase on credit facilities for registered customers and suppliers

  • Simplified accounting and closing account management

  • Reducing theft, loss or damage of cash or goods from the actual stock or counter.

  • Maintenance of client's dues easily and accurately.

  • Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and minimizes the unplanned errors made by POS operators.

  • Reduction in fraudulent returns and eliminates loss due to returns.

  • Reduction in customer sales transaction time.

  • Easy access keys make it more user friendly.

  • Accurate recording of all inventory transactions. Better inventory management.

  • Affordable for Small Medium Enterprise Business.

  • Customer registration to improve customer relationship.

  • Generates more profits and helps to increase service levels.

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