Customer Management

Customer management means customers are happy with your service, loyalty is managed correctly, customer purchase history is available, etc. Choukash has many features that leads to effective and better customer and customer relationship management.

Customer Registration
Keeping records of registered customer details which will help to maintain transaction of each customer including payment or customer dues management feature.


  • Previous purchase history can be viewed for specific item for specific customer.
  • Track all customer relevant data including customer id, name, address, and phone no
  • Comprehensive customer master with customer Group/Company& invoice delivery addresses.
  • Create customer Groups/Company for ease of tracking dues and invoice creation under each Group/Company
  • Add and modify customer information.
Customer dues management
  • Registered customers can buy on credit
  • Customer dues can be settled via friendly screen.
  • Reports showing total customer dues
  • Prevention of loss of customer due information.

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