Purchase Control System for Real Estate

Optimize your procurement potentials!

Purchase has a vital role to play, especially in a manufacturing organization. It procures the items/material required by an organization and thus fulfills the necessary item requirements of various departments. In case of shortage in stock or at reorder level, it deals with multiple suppliers in an endeavor to procure new stock and also makes sure that the material is procured in the best possible cost & time.

The basic purpose of Purchase Control System for Real Estate is to streamline the functioning of procurement/purchase of inventory (raw-material), assign orders to suppliers and bill.

What does Gononet Purchase Control System for Real Estate do?

Our Purchase Module helps you maintain masters for various suppliers and their contacts, track purchases, get a complete purchase rate history etc. It systematically records all the details pertaining to various suppliers, purchase orders, purchase requests, quality checks, purchase returns and much more. It enables you evaluate a supplier based on delivery time, quality of material and cost of procurement. Linking accounts and inventory with the purchase process, it enables a business optimize its procurement processes and patterns, thereby improve quality and reduce cost/time of procurement and gain a distinct competitive edge. Our Purchase Management Module integrated with related functional processes keeps a constant check on the stock levels and generates timely purchase orders for timely and cost effective inventory replenishment.

Powerful Features:-

  • Request for Quotation (RFQ) from the suppliers
  • Generation Purchase Order directly from the system
  • Purchase Order (Generation/Amendments/Adjustment)
  • Purchase/Vendor Invoice
  • Supplier Categorization and Database
  • Supplier Item database along with the Supplier wise price fixation
  • Provision for Supplier wise terms and conditions
  • Supplier wise Quote comparison of different Item
  • Supplier/Vendor Selection on various criteria (Quality/ Delivery Time/ Price)
  • Purchase without PO (Tracking)
  • Work Orders generation

Let me take this privilege to thank Gononet Online Solutions Ltd. on behalf of Jaadu Events for giving us the great support and co-ordination. We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience to understand our expectations and deliver the splendid results.

Shawkatul Islam
MD, Jaadu Events

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