Utility Bill Management for Large Apartments

Increase your NOI...now!

One of the fastest, least expensive way to increase cash flow, improve the value of your apartments, and reduce utility expenses is by implementing a utility billing program. Our software will boost your profitability.

Utility Bill Management works with large apartment owners who are:

  • Interested in implementing a utility billing program for the first time
  • Currently operating a utility billing program in-house and want a third party provider to manage the process
  • Dissatisfied with their current third party utility billing services provider and are interested in switching.

Utility Billing Generates Financial Results
Our typical Utility Bill Management client uses our utility billing servicesto quickly:

  • Reduce utility expenses
  • Increase net operating income (NOI)
  • Increase their property's cap rate and value.

Our software provides a brilliant way for apartment owners to maximize their control of utility costs (and reimbursements) with the added benefit of creating value on the sale of the property.

If your property is master-metered for water, gas, or electricity, and you are paying the utility bill, you are a candidate for utility billing.

If you currently manage a utility billing program at your apartment complex, you understand the time, effort, and labor involved in:

  • Calculating and sending bills
  • Processing and accounting for resident payments
  • Servicing tenants when they call
  • Integrating billing and payment data with your property management system
  • Accounting for all related financial transactions.

Let me take this privilege to thank Gononet Online Solutions Ltd. on behalf of Jaadu Events for giving us the great support and co-ordination. We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience to understand our expectations and deliver the splendid results.

Shawkatul Islam
MD, Jaadu Events

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