Flexible Reports

  • Can export to Text, Excel, HTML or PDF.
  • Reports like Purchase/Sales reports
  • All statutory registers like sales register, purchase register, etc. are maintained automatically.
  • Summarized sales figures in day book reports helps in proper analysis.
  • Option to view Consolidate day wise summary.
  • Day wise expense summary report.

MIS reports (Management Information System) refer to reports those are used to support decision making, analyzing the trend, analyzing competition.

  • Can export to Text, Excel, HTML or PDF
  • Complete list of sales, purchase, inventory and accounts reports
  • One can see detail report of sales, inventory, purchase anytime.
  • Reports can be checked by selecting specific time duration
  • Analysis can be done based on customer , items, supplier, manufacturer , and category wise reports to improve relationship with suppliers
  • Various reports on information about customers, items, suppliers, and manufacturers help in analysis.
  • Complete sales analysis can be done based on reports on customer, items, suppliers, sales-man (check), category, etc.
  • Re-order analysis can be done via re-order report

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