Inventory Management

Inventory costs result in 45 to 90 percent of all business expenses. Therefore, inventory is an essential component to the success of your small business. Carrying excess inventory results in an additional expense for your business, which reduces your bottom line. Not carrying enough of the right products causes lost sales and gives customers the impression that your business is poorly managed.

Item Create/Edit

  • Item Master screen allows creating/ adding new item in the store.
  • Item Master screen allows changing selling price of items.
  • ItemMaster screen can be configured to update purchase price and cost of items based on secure access.
  • Item edit can be done to discount from regular price .
  • Item edit can be done to markup from cost.
  • Damage or wastage entry facilitates accounting of returned goods and reasons for wastage.
  • Detailed stock status reporting based on supplier, category, etc.
  • Flexible and easy to configure product categorization that suite as per business needs.
  • Comprehensive stock and sales reports for your inventory management needs
Stock update
  • Stock update helps to manage inventory better and correctly. Any discrepancy in stock can be managed and corrected from here.
  • Item transaction history report for full product details.
  • Stock can be classified in multiple classifications like damaged, to be returned, etc.
  • Item transaction history is very useful to know and track the full item flow.
  • Reduce the time spent on inventory function.
  • Tracking of Stock based report based on type, product name etc.
  • Detailed stock status reporting based on supplier
  • Inventory status allows finding out whether some products are available at the stock or not.
  • Comprehensive stock and sales report for your inventory management needs.
Opening Stock
  • Opening stock entry to take stock input at initial phase of software implementation.
  • Opening stock can be done based on conversion like stock can be entered in cartoons, Bundles, dozens etc.
  • All information required to order such as the sales for the previous month, the minimum and maximum sales for the product, sales during previous season of the year [for festivals] etc. are available.
  • Reorder list can be generated based on Current stock level.
  • Setting of reorder level in item create or edit and reorder level report showing items that have reached the reorder level (or below) helps in placing orders to suppliers quickly.
  • Reports showing weekly or monthly sales of previous months help in setting the re-order level.

Returns Management
Returns Management Expiry/Damage tracking and convert as purchase returns or damaged stock.

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