Online Application Process

Electronically manage, retrieve and process in real time applications from prospective students. Our feature-rich admission application is the most functionally advanced and widely used electronic application. We offer a broad-based solution that allows institutions with different needs and criteria to simplify and manage every aspect of receiving and processing online applications. Colleges and universities can customize the application on the front end to meet the needs of their prospective undergraduate and graduate students, while robust and automatic back-end processing helps to minimize errors and ensure that fully compliant enrollment applications are received.

Key Benefits

• Customization Ability: Customize the online application with your branding, questions, attachments, announcements, special instructions, contact information and more.

• User Friendly: The admission application contains multiple conveniences for prospective students. Applicants input their data one time. Information retained about the student can be used to auto-populate applications submitted for other terms or other campuses.

• Save Time: We can help expedite the time it takes to download and process applications as well as respond to potential students. The processing, address verification and data checks help ensure that accurate, fully compliant applications are submitted. No more mailing the student requesting missing information and no more bad addresses. The sooner you get the information, the better chance you have of recruiting the student

Let me take this privilege to thank Gononet Online Solutions Ltd. on behalf of Jaadu Events for giving us the great support and co-ordination. We appreciate your enthusiasm and patient to understand our expectations and deliver the splendid results.

Shawkat Islam
Managing Director, Jaadu Events

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