Why Choukash

Choukash provides various business benefits to its user that helps them in saving cost, providing better customer service via managing customer relationships by customer due management, good supplier management, accurate management of inventory, etc.

  • Significant improvements in reduction of customer sales transaction time. Helps you do more transactions per counter thus reducing the number of checkout counters and the hardware investment.          
  • Accurate business closing with very little manual work help you minimize the time it takes after the last sale to close business for the day. Gives peace of mind and reduced hassles in store operations.
  • Ease of use and simplicity reduces the training time and minimizes the unplanned errors made by retail business management software operators. As there is lots of churn among operators, this is one of the biggest benefits of Choukash
  • Reduction in fraudulent returns and eliminates loss due to returns. Managing returns in a systematic and authorized manner efficiently eliminates loss due to returns.
  • Accurate recording of all inventory transactions lead to better inventory management and increases service levels by preventing lost sales opportunities.
  • Flexible and comprehensive inventory classification to suit your business needs.
  • Informative reorder module helps you increase your inventory turn and facilitates higher competitiveness and increased net margin.
  • Flexible physical inventory module facilitates measuring inventory loss on a daily basis to identify reasons for inventory loss and take preventive action
  • Reducing theft, loss or damage of cash or goods from the actual stock or counter.
  • Maintenance of client’s dues easily and accurately.Customer registration to improve customer relationship.
  • Easy access keys make it more user friendly.
  • Affordable for Small medium enterprises.

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